Ansel Adams and The Intimate Landscape

I'm presently fortunate to be part of a group of photographers who've been tasked to develop a photo based tour around the grounds of the North Carolina Museum of Art.  First and foremost, this tour is being established as a big "thank you" to all the museum's volunteers.  It's also a springboard for future photo tours that might be available to the public. Pretty exciting!

With the ongoing Ansel Adams show we chose to model the tour based on what inspired him as an artist/photographer. This particular exhibition focuses on a collection of 48 photographs by Adams, a selection he made late in his life that he deemed "the best work of his career". It should be really fun to get out on the grounds of the Art Park and try to emulate his approach, to share in a photographic walk-about with volunteers who are interested in this experience.  We are focusing on The Intimate Landscape and will emulate Adam's interest in photographing the intimate details of nature. In his close-up approach, Adam's went about to explore the anatomy of leaves, the delicate spring blossoms, the dark crevices between rocks, the sunlight playing on a wet patch of sand and even of the water itself.  

Included here is my very favorite of Ansel Adam's more intimate images.  It's titled Aspens.